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2020 GHVBL Fall 9U B Gold Champions


BPR Lighting 9U won

the Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League

Fall 2020 B Gold Division Championship!

October 25, 2020


Jake Bulhack, James Butkiewicz, Ben Cleveland, Dylan Coppola, Matt Coppola, Anthony Hauser, Sam Lewis, Jake Mulowney, Max Niguidula, Giovanni Pelosi, Cooper, Radin, Nethanial Vadai



Robert Coppola, Josh Radin, Andrew Niguidula, Dave Bulhack, Eyal Vadai

2020 Summer GHVBL 10U B League Gold Champions


BPR Lightning 10U won

the Greater Hudson Valley

B League Gold Championship

7-5 win over Ossining Pride

August 23, 2020

Final Record: 12-4


Emmett Bendish, Sam Brooks, Ethan Coppola, Neil Gelfand, Gene Grogan, Chase Hamilton, Liam Kothari, Theo Mannal, Curtis McConnell, Henry O'Callaghan, Will Oden, Max Polinsky, Joseph Rodriguez, Harrison Rosenbloom, Andrew Rudolph, Gunnar Wiig



Carlos Rodriguez, Neil Brooks, Neil Gelfand, Derek McConnell, Bill Rudolph 

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Playing within


The ability to play recreation baseball is dependent upon our ability to work together to operate within State and Local guidelines for play.


Parents contribute by:

1) Checking player(s) temperature(s) before coming to a field

2) Keeping player(s) home if they have a temperature or feel ill 

3) Notifying the league ( if their player or someone in contact with their player was exposed to COVID-19 or experiences symptoms of COVID-19

4) Complying with state guidelines that only 2 spectators are permitted per player

5) Maintaining 6 feet social distancing at all times

6) Wearing a face covering when in common areas or situations where 6 feet of distancing is not able to be maintained


Players, with their Parents' help, contribute by:

1) Bringing both their Blue and Yellow Jerseys to each play day, labeled with their name

2) Having a face covering to wear when not in the field

3) Bringing their own water bottles labeled with their name. (Note - no snacks allowed.)

4) Bringing their own equipment (glove, bat, helmet, cap) labeled with their name.

5) Refraining from spitting or physical contact with other players (e.g., high fives, fist bumps)

6) Listening to instructions by Coaches and Phase 4 Monitors to maintain social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitizing


What to expect at the baseball field:

  • Hand sanitizer in each dugout
  • Only 2 or 3 players in a dugout (depending on dugout size; maintaining 6 feet distance)
  • Extended line up/batting order outside dugouts maintaining 6 feet distance
  • Designated baseballs for each team; balls wiped between innings
  • Games played only at Bedford Village Memorial Park or Pound Ridge Town Park which have wide open spaces and 2 baseball fields to enable smaller teams and concurrent games if needed based on number of players and number of parent volunteers
  • For Minors, Majors and Seniors, which use an umpire, umpire located behind pitcher mound
  • For Majors and Seniors, 2 pairs of catcher equipment per team, sanitized inbetween use. (Note - Players who have and bring their own catcher gear will be the only ones to use that gear). 
  • Phase 4 Monitors - volunteers to oversee social distancing and mask wearing when players are not on the field. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (you can volunteer during registration)